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The Ecosystems Research and Development Service (ERDS) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) through its Technology Transfer Division, conducts training on Rattan Propagation Technology held at Saint Francis Xavier Parish Hall, Poblacion, Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental on October 23, 2013.

Participants of the said training were the producers from the rattan industry of Barangay Oregon, Tandang Sora and Sergio Osmeña.

The objective of the training is to enhance partnership with the LGU through pro-active intervention mechanisms towards the adoption of need-based and demand-led ENR Technologies.

Rattan is considered as the country’s minor forest product that requires high economic value. Among the species of rattan present in our country, “palasan” was seen to be the most suitable variety for production due to its capability to propagate. This climbing, suckering and branching rattan species endemic in our country can be easily propagated through seeds and wildlings.

According to our local producers from rattan industry, they were currently experiencing scarcity of raw materials for use in the production of their furniture and other finished products. Encroachment of the area from the neighboring barangays and the uncontrolled harvesting of young rattan were the main reasons of the serious depletion of our rattan supply.

 “Rattan industry is seen to be a good source of our livelihood. Therefore, we need to be vigilant to control and protect our area from encroaching people from other municipalities,” Hon. Mayor Vicente D. Orencia said. He further added that plantation and propagation of rattan will be the best way to attain a sustainable supply and profitable livelihood to our rattan farmers.

Mr. Abdul Rahman Damada, Science Research Specialist II, who specializes in rattan production and propagation, handled the transfer of technology to the farmers. Along with him were Grace Moralde and Erlinda Dela Cruz, DENR-Research Analysts. They shared all their expertise to the farmers – from the collection, extraction and storage of seeds, the pre-germination techniques, and up to the proper methods of potting the seedlings or wildlings.


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