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Election is the people’s right to vote and choose a person that will serve as a good leader. And each time they choose the right person for the position, it should be publicly declared. Once a public official is proclaimed, basically, an inaugural session should occur. This is the moment where old and new politicians will be installed. One of the many purposes of it is to let the people know the projects to be implemented and other resolutions.

        On July 3, 2013, at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the very first inaugural session of the newly elected municipal officials for the year 2013-2016 was held at the Municipal Sangguniang Bayan Building, Poblacion, Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental.

                Several teachers and students came and skip for a while from their respective classes. The new set of police officers was present to keep the area secure and safe. Some loyalists and avid fans also attended the session to witness the affair.

                The youngest, first-ever lady vice-mayor and the only spawn of the municipal mayor, Honorable Katrina Joy H. Orencia, stood up to address her warmest gratitude for the trust that the people has bestowed upon her.

She is just 24 years old. It’s her first time in politics, still, the people chose her to that very delicate position. “Maybe, they wanted to test a young blood in managing the municipality and handle the affairs of the SB without any experience yet”, Vice-Mayor Katrina Joy Orencia said. “Three years is like eternity if the leader is not good, and a good leader cannot do important duties alone”, she added as she took words of encouragement to the SB members to work hand-in-hand in serving the people.

To serve the people well, she would focus and give importance to the needs and concerns of the farmers and fishermen, elderly people (senior citizens), disabled persons, the Lumad and other groups of Indigenous people and to the protection of rights of women and children.

The next person to speak was the undefeated, re-elected mayor and the father of this town, Honorable Vicente D. Orencia. He has been in public service for over 20 years. For the past 20 years, he also has downfalls in politics. Many times, when politicians lose, they never get the chance to recover and go back to service, but, Mayor Orencia has captured the hearts of many people who placed him to where he should be.

In the middle of his speech, he presented his accomplished and on-going projects particularly in schools, outreach programs to the families in the remote areas that needs equal attention and support from the government, feeding programs, and most importantly, to implement a strong and strict ordinance to stop the illegal cutting of trees/illegal logging from the protected mountains of the municipality.

The Mayor targeted at least 50 thousand Almasiga trees to be planted that will soon serve as a livelihood of the farmers in the different barangays of the municipality.

                Some of his proposed projects include: the budgeting and planning evaluation of the performance of different municipal offices, Plant Now Pay later program, construction of Municipal Health Center, construction of tertiary building (GGCAST); construction of school gate, flagpole and fences, rehabilitation of municipal streets, Pundaguitan footbridge construction, operation of Solid Waste Management, Busog-Lusog-Talino program, Botika sa Barangay, facilities for agricultural main crops and fisheries, facilities and learning materials for the DepEd and mass weddings scheduled in different parishes.

The Mayor saw various improvements to the elementary pupils in barangay Lavigan  and so he decided to continue the “Adopt a School and Adopt a Family Program” this year in a particular barangay at the Southern part of the municipality.

“I will remain true to my pledge in helping uplift the lives of the people,” Mayor Orencia said as his final word.

The newly elected SB members were also called and took the opportunity to deliver speeches of thanks.

- Sheryl C.



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