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A send-off ceremony was conducted at the Governor Generoso municipal lobby by the 28th Infantry Battalion (Kamagong), 10th Infantry Division (Agila), of the Philippine Army on November 9, 2012 , in an effort to make an insurgency free province of Davao Oriental.


There were more or less 80 people attended the ceremony including the barangay captains, municipal employees, municipal officials and visitors.


 According to Lieutenant Colonel Francisco F. Lorenzo Jr., Commander 28th IB, 101D, PA, that the troops are here to help not only in insurgency problems but rather on doing community service to the public. To secure and serve—serving the people and securing the land is what they are trying to fulfill. By 2028, they envisioned to become better servants of the republic where their presence will already bring comfort to the people rather than fear.


 “We are implementing the Bayanihan to make sure that services will be duly served to the people especially to the constituents of the barangay.” LTC Lorenzo said.


Col Paterno V. Morales INF (GSC) PA, Deputy Commander 701 BDE, emphasized that their presence will have a close coordination with the barangay officials tapping all civic organizations in the barangay level to enhance the services of the barangay. They will not only focus on security but also in governance.


 This endeavor was also part for the promotion of tourism of the entire province. It reaffirms the priority program attaches to the development of the entire province where freedom, security, justice and peace will be achieved.


 The Hon. Mayor Vicente D. Orencia being the keynote speaker of the activity was quite optimistic on the result of this engagement. He wanted to utilize these “men in uniform” for the development not only in barangays but also in other programs such as school improvements, tree planting, MOSAR training and tsunami drills.


 Mayor Orencia also encouraged the Governor Generoso Municipal Employees Association (GGMEA) to continue the “Outreach program” that was customarily done every year. This time, he wanted the Philippine Army to become our partner on this endeavor.



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