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More than 1000 people from barangay Montserrat paused their routines on Friday, November 16, 2012 to participate in what is being called as the first “Tsunami Evacuation Drill.”

PHIVOLCS has sent community outreach teams to barangay Montserrat to hold meetings, hand out evacuation maps, teach people the threats from local and distant tsunamis, and what preparations they should make.

 The four-day preparation culminates at 2:20 p.m. when a siren broke out to warn the people of the coming catastrophe. Men, women, children, pupils, teachers and all barangay government officials were asked to grab a few essentials, a bottle of water, and walk to higher ground going to the evacuation area that was prepared for them by the local officials.


 During the drill, more than 100 kids there ducked and covered under their desks, as if an earthquake was violently shaking the ground, then they filed outside and hastily hiked a 300 meter up the hill to the evacuation area. There were also minor injuries performed by some residents and pupils to test the capability and disaster preparedness of the barangay medical team to handle such situation.

  The participation of the MDRRMC members led by Shirley O. Cineza made the drill more realistic. They were there to support and augment the needs of the barangay in times like this. A pack of rice was also distributed to the constituents who had participated the drill.

 “In GovGen, the event is really highlighting that the big one is coming, not if but when,” Mayor Vicente Orencia said. “People should always be prepared especially those who are living in the coastal area,” the mayor added.

After the drill was terminated, the evaluation team commended the efforts of barangay LGU led by Brgy. Captain Zaldy Gasulla and the entire team from the Local Government Unit of Governor Generoso for making the drill a success. Over-all result was very satisfactory.

Honorable Mayor Vicente D. Orencia expressed his gratitude to those involved in the activity. He was also very thankful for the regional team for augmenting our knowledge. He also hoped to have more tsunami evacuation drill in the future.

      The drill was stirred to action by Mayor Vicente D. Orencia, Chairman of the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (MDRRMC), Shirley O. Cineza, MDRRMC Coordinator, Engr. Desiderio Cabanlit, Philvocs-Science Research Specialist and Antonio Cloma, Office of Civil Defense XI-Operation Division Chief. This is in preparation if the big one is coming.

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