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                The inaugural session of Governor Generoso 16th council took place at the Municipal Gymnasium, Poblacion Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental on July 4, 2016.

                The day marks the ceremonial turn-over of the town’s first-ever woman Local Chief  Executive, Hon. Katrina Joy H. Orencia from the reign of her father and now the newly elected Municipal Vice Mayor of the municipality, Hon. Vicente D. Orencia.

            Over 300 people coming from the different sectors of the society including their families, relatives, friends, municipal employees, and barangay officials and functionaries witnessed this significant day. Guest coming from other government agencies also graced the event. They were  Jessica Itil, DILG, PSI Junvic Nasayao, PNP and Yvette T. Sunga, DILG Provincial Director.

            Messages of the new sets of local officials focused on the reconciliation, their pledge to repay back the favor by way of formulating laws and ordinances that would benefit the constituents of the municipality and in thanking their supporters for  their trust  and efforts during the campaign.

            “Since election fever is over, let’s bury all the hatchets and move on, ” according to Hon. Councilor Virgilio Cielo. 


             As part of the activity, Atanacio T. Telesforo, Municipal Planning and Development Officer of the municipality presented to the mayor the consolidated programs and challenges of the different offices. Identification of good practices and existing issues were comprehensively discussed for recommendation to the Hon. Mayor for her consideration of opportunities, initiatives and further solutions.

            DILG Regional Director Yvette T. Sunga commended the outgoing Vice Mayor Vicente D. Orencia by awarding him a plaque of appreciation for his creditable performance during his term.  Director Sunga challenges the Hon.  Mayor Katrina Joy Orencia to exercise her duties and functions conformed by law. She also gave emphasis on the disaster preparedness of the constituents of the municipality in respond to the worrying issue of climate change.

            In the keynote speech of the Hon. Mayor Katrina Joy Orencia, she  gave a fiery and hard hitting messages, including a list of actions needed to fulfil her duties as the head of the municipality.

            The Hon. Mayor vowed to perform her duties to Governor Generoso for the rest of her life. She further urged the people to be with her in achieving the mission and vision and be part of the municipality’s progress. She appealed to the people to set aside politics, heal the wounds of yesterday and learn from our mistakes.

Among the priority programs and services of the Hon. Mayor, were the following:

- Revision of Tax Revenue Code

- Revision of zoning ordinance

- crafting tourism code

- crafting of health and sanitation code

- and other codes relevant to the needs of the municipality

            She challenged all the legislators and members to strengthen the massive revenue collection not only the realty tax but also to tap, utilize and mobilized local resources to generate local income.  She encouraged them to come up with a holistic plan to uplift the lives of the people by capacitating each family to generate income.

            More programs and services included were:

- installation of economic enterprise office

- establishment of “Kapehan ni Katrina Program” where she would face and dialogue stakeholders to talk on relevant issues and concerns

- conduct medical and dental check-up to bring the services nearest to the people

- institutionalization of daily transactions and releases of cash assistance for clients in emergency situation

- strict implementation of business permits on all establishments doing business

- strengthening of police and military forces

- strict imposition of laws on illegal drugs

- strict implementation of curfew hours

- prohibition of internet cafe’s within 20-50 meters away from schools during school hours

- prohibition of motorcycle using bora-bora style

- prohibition of video karera and other illegal gambling activities

- promote tourism potential areas

- establishment of landmarks

- implementation of one-town-one-color tricycle

- implementation of car stickers on all vehicles in the municipality

- converting DAVENCOR property into municipal tourism complex   

- construction of temporary shelter to pregnant women

- implementation of open and close season of our municipal waters

- provision of municipal scholars to deserving students

- full support on programs and advocacy to different sectoral groups

- strengthening the youth association

- utilization of 1% mandatory fund for person with disability and senior citizens, protection of children, 5% mandatory fund for gender and development (GAD) program

- upgrading of disaster management equipment

- acquisition of one (1) KIA vehicle for rescue operation

- acquisition of one (1) hectare lot for evacuation center

- construction of standard type evacuation center

- construction of  two (2) storey building for disaster risk reduction management

- group insurance for municipal disaster response team

- development and improvement of roads and drainage system

- development and protection of municipal watershed areas

- establishment of new motorpool at brgy. Poblacion

- expansion of municipal park


            Finally, the Hon. Mayor Orencia thanked all her family specially her father who has been her mentor  eversince.

             “I shall commit the next three years of my life for a genuine service to my people to the best way that I can and to be a good stewards in serving my people,” Mayor Katrina said in her final message.


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