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            Every year, the Municipality of Governor Generoso celebrates a Nutrition Month Culmination Program. On July 30, 2016 the culmination program was held at Old Casa, Poblacion, this municipality. Sixteen barangays gave ardent support and actively participated the activity. These said barangays were headed by their respective Punong Barangay and the rest of their constituents. They set their respective booths properly where they could display their various food items such as rootcrops, vegetables, and fruits. The activity was facilitated by the personnel of the Municipal Agriculture Office, Municipal Nutrition Office and Municipal Health Office who worked together to ensure a smooth celebration of Nutrition Month Culmination.

              This year’s theme “First 1,000 days ni Baby Pahalagahan Para sa Malusog na kinabukasan” was  given more emphasis by Mr. Candido V. Perdido Jr., Municipal Nutrition Action Officer. He thoroughly explained about the theme. “It is very important that during the stage of pregnancy the mother would have in mind eating healthy and nutritious foods regularly while she carries her baby for nine (9) months  until such  time of giving birth and growing up a healthy baby for the next two (2) years”, he simply stressed out.


            Meanwhile, Municipal Vice Mayor Vicente D. Orencia in his message expressed the present celebration turns out very simple and he encouraged all barangays to extend the same full support, cooperation and participation on all activities and programs implemented by the MLGU during his time to the present administration under the able leadership of the newly elected Municipal Mayor Katrina Joy H. Orencia. 

            Part of the celebration were other related contest on competitions such as, Crawling Baby Challenge, Healthiest Baby, Quiz Bee competition and Poster Making Contest. 

            In her closing message, Municipal Mayor Katrina Joy H. Orencia were quite hopeful that the succeeding years would be bountiful for the entire municipality so that would be able to hold various competitions, award bigger prizes and also provide additional incentives particularly to the Barangay Health Workers (BHWs). Finally she thanked all the barangays and other stakeholders who had participated for their support and cooperation under her administration.

                                                                                                            -Tessie Magundag

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