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            On February 3, 2016, the Municipal COMELEC Office of Governor Generoso headed by Mr. Aldren TAmbuang- Acting Election Officer, together with Governor Generoso Municipal Police Station and 28th IB PA headed and represented by PCI Arnold S. Ongachen and Capt. Victor Inting, Jr. respectively, conducted the simultaneous Peace Covenant Signing to aspirant candidates for mayoral, vice-mayoral and councilor positions in the Municipality of Governor Generoso.

            Capt. Victor Inting, Jr. gave a short talk to the candidates emphasizing that the AFP will always be available at all times provide assistance if needed.

             PCI Arnold S. Ongachen also gave a short talk to the candidates informing them that the PNP is working hand-in-hand with COMELEC as the lead agency and AFP in ensuring a safe election this 2016 through its program named Safe And Fair Election (SAFE) 2016. He also encouraged the candidates to treasure the trust given to them by the people and used it as their fuel to do everything for the common good.


             Mr. Aldren Tambuang briefed the candidates on some important points on the election laws found in the OMNIBUS ELECTION CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES which governed the election process. His talk covered from election poster posting etiquettes, such as observing correct posting areas, to concerns like safety and security of candidates.

             Aside from the COMELEC, PNP, AFP, candidates, their families and closest friends, representatives from the religious sector were also present headed by Pastor Joseph Magallanes, a member of PNP MASCOM and host pastor of Lawaan Baptist Church to witness the said event. Pastor Joseph Magallanes took the opportunity and gave a short sermon to the candidates highlighting that anyone who seeks to serve the people of God through government service should put in his/her heart that everything comes from God. Everything from might and strength to wake-up every day to conduct campaigns down to resources to be used are all from God and therefore should be used, more than anything else, for His glory.

             Peace Covenant Signing is one of the initiatives of COMELEC, PNP and AFP, as well as Lighting of Candles and Releasing of Doves, to encourage all the candidates to adhere and to commit themselves to election laws for the attainment of an honest, orderly and peaceful National and Local Elections this coming May 9, 2016.


                                                                                                                                 -By: Apol Burbano

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