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            An early morning fitness exercise featuring Zumba happened at exactly 6 o’clock in the morning having 25 participants. Mr. Weldon D. Sullano, being the Zumba Master, led the warm-up routines to invigorate the body of the participants for the above-cited arduous event. Afterwards, continuous dance had begun. It lasted for a one-and-a half hour which made the participants sweaty and panting.  

            “We want to show that one of the keys to achieving good health is through exercise; there is no substitute to exercising regularly”, Sullano said. At the end of the event, the gasps of participants were noticeable brought about by the series of dances they had performed. Sweats sufficed the effort exerted and the energy showed.

            “Aside from the perfect combo of fun and fitness, I feel so good after I performed. I believed that one must participate in this kind of activity because it is very helpful in terms of promoting a healthy lifestyle since Zumba involves a combination of dance and aerobic elements in a continuous manner”, said Mrs. Lilibeth C. Makiling, Municipal Accounting Office (MACCO) Administrative Aide IV.

            The activity was very successful. Next, Mr. Weldon D. Sullano also gave his warmest merit to the dancers who participated. The happiness seemed so evident & visible in their faces. It was ended with the words of gratitude by the participants to the Zumba Master. “Kudos Zumba dancers for a job well done”, he said.

              -Aljie Hipolito

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