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            People from different walks of life had participated in the recently conducted Almasiga Festival 2nd Fun Run Activity  last July 25, 2015 at the Municipal Mini Park, this municipality, an activity initiated by the joint collaborations/forces of the Municipal Local Government Unit, Boatman Outdoors Shop & Kubal Outdoors Shop conducted along with the fruitful celebration of the 67th Town Founding Anniversary & 8th Almasiga Festival bearing the theme: “Kalinaw ug Kahiusahan... Tuburan sa Panagdait ug Kalamboan”.



            At exactly 5:00 o’clock in the morning, the activity started with an opening program which was hosted by one of the runners Mr. Aljie C. Hipolito, Municipal Planning & Development Office, Administrative Aide. Moreover, Mr. Joey E. Gamao, Photographer, gave an opening message to all participants stressing the essence of the activity in terms of bolstering a healthy lifestyle. Afterwards, Mr. Weldon D. Sullano, one of the participants, led the warm-up exercise in preparation for the strenuous physical activity. More or less 80 participants out of 135 registered runners loped during the cited activity. The participants started running from the Municipal Mini Park of Governor Generoso up to the vicinity of Barangay Tibanban and vice-versa.


            After the tiresome dash, the participants had convened back at the Municipal Mini Park and continued the second part of the program. A raffle draw followed in which the sprinters were very excited for the possible prizes they might have such as umbrella, T-shirts, shorts, pants, sandals and bags. A number of participants had received souvenirs worth valuing for which were prepared by the Boatman Outdoors Shop & Kubal Outdoors Shop. Subsequently, giving of certificates to the participants and pictorials happened.

            Indeed, the activity was very beneficial to all participants for they had gained prizes from their registration fee worth Php 150.00. On the contrary, they were lucky enough since they virtually lose calories and fats out of running. It was very evident to their visage the enjoyment and comfort they had felt after the activity. 


          -by: Aljie Hipolito

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