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            GOVERNOR GENEROSO – The municipality once again celebrated the annual Nutrition Month through a culmination program on July 30, 2015 at Old Casa, Poblacion, this municipality. The culmination program was spearheaded by the Municipal Mayor, Hon. Vicente D. Orencia, to highlight the theme “timbang iwasto, sa tamang nutrisyon at ehersisyo” (achieve normal weight through proper nutrition and physical activity). The participants of the said culmination were the twenty (20) component barangays led by their respective Punong Barangays (PBs) and selected pupils/students from elementary and secondary schools escorted with their principals and/or teachers. It was facilitated by the personnel from Municipal Agriculture Office, Municipal Nutrition Office and Municipal Health Office. Prior to the date, both farmers and fishermen constituents of each barangay helped and supported their PB in preparing their booth and food displays. Before the program, Mayor Orencia visited each booth and bought some fruits, vegetables and rootcrops. 



 “Culmination is not actually the end but rather putting an emphasis to the theme of this nutrition event and an opportunity of showing unity and good relationship among all the citizens of this municipality”, Municipal Councilor Mexiquel “Kingking” Añasco said while he delivered his welcome address. Subsequently, Mayor Orencia said that he observed most students with high grades are coming from the remote places whose foods are mostly vegetables and rootcrops. Unfortunately, he said further that there is an increase of malnourished children each year. He reminded everyone that overweight is also considered as malnourished. So, he encouraged everybody especially the parents to include vegetables in their meal menu.  As part of his speech, he thanked each Barangay Health Worker (BHW) and planned to meet them for a workshop to help solve the issue on malnourishment.

            One of the highlights of the program was the inspirational talk given by Ms. Maria Cerenia Sungay, Provincial Nutritionist Dietician. “Double burden of malnourishment has been discovered – overweight (obesity) and underweight”, she said. According to her, one reason for malnourishment is the increase in food prices, which makes it difficult for the average Filipinos to get the most nutritious food they can afford. Her speech focused on the growing problem of obesity in the Philippines. A number of obese people are increasing each year because of physical inactivity and shifting of foods into processed foods or the so-called instant foods.  Ms. Sungay also said that an obese person is prone to heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. However, “obesity can be solved through active lifestyle like regular exercise and proper food selection”, she added.   

Various activities were likewise held for the whole duration of the program. The activities were: Booth Making Contest; Go, Glow, and Grow Foods Display Competition; Cooking Contest; Poster Making Contest; Quiz Bee Competition; Crawling Baby Challenge; and Healthiest Baby Contest. The winners of the said activities were the following:


Best Booth:

First place–Brgy. Tibanban

Second place –Brgy. Tiblawan

Third place -  Brgy. Tamban


Best in Food Display:

First place –   Brgy. Montserrat

Second place –Brgy. Tamban

Third place -  Brgy. Upper Tibanban


Best in Cooking:

First place –   Brgy. Tiblawan

Second place –Brgy. Montserrat

Third place -  Brgy. Tamban


Healthiest baby:

First place –   Brgy. Anitap

Second place –Brgy. Montserrat

Third place -  Brgy. Crispin dela Cruz


 Best Crawling Baby:

 Brgy. Don Aurelio Chicote


Quiz Bee:

(Elementary Level)

First place –   Tamban Elementary School Second place –Oregon Elementary School Third place - Enrique Orencia Elementary School


Quiz Bee:

(Secondary Level)

First place –   Sigaboy Agricultural Vocational High School (SAVHS)

Second place –Nangan National High School (NNHS)

Third place -  Tibanban National High School (TNHS)


Best in Poster Making:

(Elementary Level)

First place –   Tamban Elementary School

Second place –S. Basalo Elementary School (Brgy. Montserrat)

Third place -  Crispin dela Cruz Elementary School


Best in Poster Making:

(Secondary Level)

First place –   entry #2 (SAVHS)

Second place –entry #1

Third place -  entry #3 (NNHS) 

Hon. Mario Lindo Makiling, Municipal Councilor, gave his closing remarks, which ended the program thanking all of the attendees for their usual and unwavering support.


-           by Irish Tess P. Fernandez




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