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Governor Generoso-It became a tradition to GovGenians to include sports leagues in celebrating Araw ng Governor Generoso and Almasiga Festival that came a flurry of excitement and fun. Such leagues included basketball, volleyball and badminton, in which GovGenians are very avid of. The 11 days of competition happened from July 19-29, 2015 at Municipal Gymnasium and MSWD Activity Center. The said leagues were sponsored by the Municipal Local Government Unit (MLGU) headed by Hon. Vicente D. Orencia, Municipal Mayor.

The basketball competition was categorized into Inter-High School and Inter-Barangay category. In the former category, the seven high schools of the municipality participated the league but only Tibanban National High School (THNS) and Luzon National High School (LNHS) fought to the finals. Fortunately, TNHS emerged as victor in the championship game with 69-53 final score. However, in the latter category, Barangay Tibanban dominated the championship game with 60-71 final score against Barangay Don Aurelio Chicote. Barangay Don Aurelio Chicote shortened the gap with the four stunning 3-point shots during the third quarter but Barangay Tibanban extended a huge lead in the fourth quarter that pushed Don Aurelio Chicote to surrender in the final minute. The basketball league was officiated by the BAP Referee and with Hon. Mariolindo Makiling as the league chairman.

The volleyball league officiated by the Philippine Volleyball Federation Referee was also categorized into Women Open Category, and Inter-High School Women Category. The Lady Spikers grabbed the championship title against Barangay Tibanban in the Women Open Category, and Team Vicor won the final game against Barangay Tibanban in the men open category. On the other hand, TNHS raised to the top against the other high school contenders by winning the final game against Luzon National High School.

Moreover, the badminton league which was held at MSWD Activity Center was played in mixed doubles open category and Inter- High School Category in which a pair of male and female athletes competes as a team. Leo Mercader and Carmina Nilo swept the three straight sets towards the championship title against Nikko Makiling and Lovely Joy Loren. Likewise, Tristan Stephanie Concon and Peter Paul Lindo of Pundaguitan National High School defeated Edwin Arcueno Jr. and Apple Jack Castañales of Tibanban National High School in the championship fight in Inter-High School Category.

The sports leagues gave fun and excitement to the athletes and to the crowd which was waited by GovGenians in every founding anniversary. This event inspired athletes young and old to involve themselves in sports competitions rather than drug involvement, which is another way to promote unity in the municipality.

-Giovanni Amila


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