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GOVERNOR GENEROSO – The GovGenians once again celebrated another weeklong celebration of their 67th Araw ng Governor Generoso and 8th Almasiga Festival last July 23to August 1, 2015 with the theme “Kalinaw ug kahiusahan...Tuboran sa Panagdait ug Kalambuan”.





On July 23-24, the LGU together with Lupon CENRO, GGCAST, DOSMART, and Brgy. Upper Tibanban Government Unit conducted the Almasiga Tree Planting with 230 Almasiga seedlings at Mansinagan Ridge, Brgy. Upper Tibanban. “Only Governor Generoso celebrates this Almasiga Festival, thus, we need to continue planting this kind of tree. Aside from that, it is also a source of income to our lumads” Hon. Vicente D. Orencia, Municipal Mayor, said after the tree planting. The next day, the LGU initiated the 2nd Almasiga Fun Run which started at 5:00 am from Municipal Mini Park to Brgy. Tibanban and vice versa. The number of registered participants was 135, but only more or less 80 persons attended the said event. Then, last July 28, the LGU also conducted the 2nd Almasiga Resin Tappers Congress at St.  Francis Xavier Parish Auditorium, which was attended by the DENR XI, Lupon CENRO, DTI, and several Almasiga planters and resin tappers. Moreover, the championship games for Sports Competition such as 2nd Katrina Joy Orencia Badminton Tournament (Mixed Double Inter-High School and Open Category), Volleyball Tournament (Inter-High School and Open Category), and Basketball Tournament (Inter-High School and Inter-Barangay Category) happened last July 28 – 29 at Tibanban Gymnasium, Municipal Lawn Tennis Court, and Municipal Gymnasium, respectively. The champions for the Badminton league inter-high school category were Tristan Stephanie Concon and Peter Paul Lindo of Pundaguitan National High School, while Leo Mercader and Carmina Nilo won victoriously in the open category. On the other hand, the Lady Spikers defeated Brgy. Tibanban in the women open category, and Team VICOR grabbed the championship title after winning in the finals against Brgy. Tibanban. Further, Brgy. Tibanban and Tibanban National High School in the inter-barangay and inter-high school, respectively, defeated their opponents and grabbed their championship titles in the basketball league.

Zumba Party was held in the morning of July 29th at Old Casa Compound, Poblacion. Twenty-five (25) participants joined the party and went home sweaty. In the evening, which was the Opening Night, a Flower Offering was held at Municipal Mini Park and was participated by all LGU Offices together with the different barangay officials, teachers and students, and other stakeholders. This was the night significant to all GovGenians since it proclaimed the formal opening of the celebration. After which, the Battle of the Bands and the Rap Competition (Inter-High School and Open Category) happened at Old Casa to highlight the talents of young GovGenians in terms of music and rap. Maryknoll High School of Sigaboy (MHSS) grabbed the championship title for the high school category, while the Earthshakers Band for the open category. Only Tibanban National High School (TNHS) joined the rap competition, which automatically made them as the victor. The next day, the LGU celebrated the Nutrition Month Culmination at Old Casa and conducted activities that gave emphasis on the nutrition, weight and health of each person. The said culmination bore the theme, “Timbang iwasto sa tamang nutisyon at ehersisyo”. The Office of the Municipal Agriculturist facilitated the said culmination. Then, last July 31, the Bancarera was conducted at Pantalan, Poblacion, which was facilitated by the Fisheries Management Unit (FMU) and participated by different fishermen coming from different barangays of the municipality. In the afternoon, the Motocross, which was held at the back portion of SCES campus and participated by different racers from different places, captured the attention of GovGenians. Hon. Nelson “Boy” Dayanghirang, District 1 Congressman, sponsored this event. Afterwards, the Holy Eucharistic Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Mario Jimenez held at St. Francis Xavier Parish Church came next at 5:00 pm. Mayor Orencia, together with Cong. Dayanghirang and many stakeholders, attended the said mass which was sponsored by the MLGU.

 At night, at exactly 9:00 pm, the Search for Mutya ng Governor Generoso 2015 filled the Municipal Gymnasium with local officials, supporters, spectators, and other stakeholders. Mayor Orencia and Vice-Mayor Katrina Joy Orencia, together with Hon. Dayanghirang, SB Members, and Barangay Captains, attended the pageant and supported their sponsored candidates. At last, Ms. Mary Grace Albano Nazareth, Candidate No. 1, inherited the crown from the previous candidate. She was sponsored by Hon. Jone France V. Maunas and Hon. Ermian E. Limbadan, both SB Members. The next day, the Culmination of Araw ng Governor Generoso and Almasiga Festival started at 8:00 am through a Civic Parade from Camogna Bridge to SAVHS campus where the spectators and supporters from different places were waiting. After few minutes, the DLC competition started. Seven school competitors did not mind the flaring heat of the sun and still performed enthusiastically. In the afternoon, the six Indak-Indak school competitors multiplied the number of the spectators and intensified the ambiance of the event. Dr. Rosita J. Bustamante announced the verdict few minutes after the last entry performed. Fortunately, Quezon Elementary School of Brgy. Tiblawan brought home the bacon as champion for DLC competition. Eventually, she announced TNHS as the champion for the Indak-Indak competition. Finally, the last activity for the celebration was the GovGen Got Talent held at Municipal Gymnasium. Four groups and eleven solo performers registered for the competition. The Earthshakers Band of the group act won the first place, and Ms. Richelle Jabines outsmarted the other ten competitors of solo act. Right after the final event, a free overnight disco was given as “bonus” to the constituents of Governor Generoso for its successful celebration.

 This weeklong fiery celebration was a success because of the efforts of the LGU and the support of different sponsors, as well as the cooperation of other local sectors, and the actively participating stakeholders of Governor Generoso that showed the unity of the GovGenians.


             -Danrey Vallejos

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