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            MUNICIPAL MINI PARK, POBLACION ─ The Opening Night on July 29, 2015 started at exactly 8 o’clock in the evening due to power interruption, to officially open the celebration of the 67th Town Founding Anniversary & 8th Almasiga Festival bearing the theme: “Kalinaw ug Kahiusahan... Tuburan sa Panagdait ug Kalamboan”. It was formally commenced by a doxology given by the members of the Sinag-Lahi Performing Arts Guild (SPAG) of Governor Generoso College of Arts, Sciences & Technology (GGCAST). The momentum arose when the selected pupils of Enrique Orencia Elementary School (EOES) performed the Masskara Festival Dance (a combination of the English word “mass” meaning “group of people”, and the Spanish word “kara”, meaning “face”) which was originated from Bacolod City in the 1980’s to dramatize the steadfast character of Negrenses who put a happy face when confronted with challenges.

            After that, banner-raising was done by the twenty Punong Barangays of the municipality showing the heart of unity, togetherness, dignity and interconnectedness among cultural minorities and local constituents in general. As an Opening Salvo, the Almasiga Performing Arts Group (APAG) dancers gave a spectacular and breath-taking performance presenting the Conga Dance, a street/novelty dance originated in Cuba.

            Hon. Ermian E. Limbadan, Sangguniang Bayan Member, led the lighting of torch in behalf of Hon. Vicente D. Orencia, Municipal Mayor. Lighting of torch is annually held to keep on giving light to the on-going advocacy of heightening environmental awareness and concerns among locals through sustained protection and preservation of the town’s vulnerable and threatened biodiversities, and to ablaze the bountiful celebration, thus, justifying the famous slogan of Almasiga Festival, “Keep the fire burning”.

            Moreover, Hon. Mario Lindo J. Makiling, Sangguniang Bayan Member, gave his earnest welcome address to all people and officially proclaimed the formal opening of the celebration. Then, the flower offering of each municipal department/office and other agencies followed in honor of the late son of Sigaboy and who was also the first Governor in Davao Region who died in 1937, Governor Sebastian Generoso, the brother of the first appointed Municipal President Ramon.

            Lastly, the highlight of the event, which was one of the much-awaited portions, was the presentation of the eight alluringly gorgeous candidates for the Coronation Night of Mutya ng Governor Generoso 2015 on July 31, 2015 at the Municipal Gymnasium. The candidates had exuded magnificent beauty and splendid elegance as they conquered the segment of the stage introducing themselves dignifiedly and their sector/municipal councilor they proudly represented. The following were the eight candidates vying for the one and only crown, to wit: candidate #1: Ms. Mary Grace Albano Nazareth, 17 (sponsored by Hon. Jone France V. Maunas & Hon Ermian E. Limbadan); #2: Ms. Rose Ann Amaro Dalimoos, 18 (sponsored by Hon. Mario Lindo J. Makiling & Hon. Gerry Bert D. Catada); #3: Ms. Fel Grace Lariosa Daguing, 19 (sponsored by the Business Sector); #4: Ms. Lornille Loren  Angel Taypin, 17 (sponsored by Hon. Katrina Joy H. Orencia); #5: Ms. Maria Theresa Lintua Buhawe, 17 (sponsored by the Association of Barangay Captains); #6: Ms. Jenny Ordaniza Inguito, 19 (sponsored by the Indigenous People/Lumad Sector headed  by Hon. Guillermo C. Tan); #7: Ms. Dayleen Nuñez  Ere-Er, 17 (sponsored by Hon. Mexiquel I. Añasco & ABC Pres. Hon. Lilia O. Corcino); and  #8: Ms. Jhelai Jane Zapanta Campania, 15 (sponsored by National Provincial Municipal (NMP) headed by Hon. Vicente D. Orencia).

             They invited the spectators to watch on the Coronation Night as to whose beauty will stand-out and will become an epitome of wit, sophistication, stance, fascination & grandeur. The ladies answered some questions asked by the hosts, Mr. Lauro M. Aguanta & Ms. Adelaida L. Mejos, regarding the feelings & experiences they had undergone in preparation for the approaching pageant night.

             The program was ended at exactly 9 o’clock in the evening by a closing message of Hon. Ermian E. Limbadan emphasizing the Almasiga Festival quintessence ─ the bountiful celebration of the richness of history, heritage, culture, art and thanksgiving of the bounty of natural resources that God, from up above, has given the municipality.

        - by Aljie Hipolito

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